The pandemic (Covid-19) had been with us for more than a year, and although things seemed to get out of hand at first, we are happy to see things getting back to normal. As such, you can expect that the number of events hiring audio-visual labs will increase in 2023 and beyond, provided things remain the same or get better. Since we live in a world where AV science is the order of the day, we are happy to let you know that we will offer you the best AV services you need. We offer proven audio-visual labor specialists in Las Vegas and other cities within the US. Who are we, and what do we offer?

AVLS- Who Are We?

First things first, you likely want to know us before considering hiring us for your AV work. We are a Las Vegas-based company that offers just about any service operating and maintaining audio-visual equipment. We are founded by three partners who are qualified audio-visual professionals and bring with us 30+ years of combined experience in AV setup/operation/strike and over 5 years in AV labor management. As such, you can trust us with your events since our AV staffing provides everything you need for your event's success. We have offered corporate audio-visual labor for major corporate events, and we are confident that we are whom you need for live events.

We have worked with several reputable brands.

Although we are headquartered in Las Vegas, our services extend beyond Nevada. We have labor pools all over the US, including cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington DC, Orlando, and Dallas, and we offer AV services in all of these areas. Confidence in us is not a coincidence; we bring more than 35 years of AV science experience to the table, which, when coupled with our success serving big brands, gives us the confidence we boast. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when things went haywire, the Events industry went down. When the first conferences came back to Las Vegas, we were there to offer AV support. For instance, we provided services for Amazon AWS 2021 Show and CES 2022 Expo Las Vegas, several corporate events in 2022, and are looking forward to more events this year and beyond. Our audio-visual labor pool has AV techs, Audio Engineers, Video and Lighting Designers, LED Walls installation technicians, camera operators, carpenters, and stagehands who are not just qualified but experienced in AV labor provision.

We offer services beyond the US.

Being that we are based in Las Vegas, one may easily mistake us for only serving the Las Vegas area. However, we are known as AV technician trailblazers for a reason; we offer AV crewing services in Las Vegas and beyond. Since our inception in August 2021, we have strived to work closely with AV technicians from Las Vegas, but have not limited ourselves to them. We have reached out to freelance AV technicians in different cities in the US. As such, if you are out there and looking for highly skilled AV crews for hire, we readily say we are at your service. Our freelance AV technicians have their expertise ready, and we will happily plan your production order, and operate and maintain equipment at your event, and you will be happy you hired us.

We are on an AV crew hire mission

Although we began as a team of three partners, we are fast-growing because we know growth is inevitable. We are consistently on AV crew hire missions, whether in Las Vegas or the other cities where you can find our labor pools. As such, we hire AV techs wherever we go, even as the pandemic continues. Our AV staff is the best you could ever have for your events, and they are not only destined to succeed but come with our trademark, near-perfect experience. Therefore, if you are on some 'AV jobs near me' searches, reach out to us, and we will happily serve you. We will happily consider you for an interview, and should you meet our rigorous AV science standards, you will become part of our audio-visual company in Las Vegas. Additionally, you may qualify to work for us from one of the locations where our labor pools are located.

We happily provide audio-visual support

Are you new in the AV science industry? Are you planning an event and are unsure about how to go about everything? Team AVLS Las Vegas will happily provide you with audio-visual labor management or AV support. Whether you want to consider us for the job or just want a quote, we will happily be at your service. We believe in caring for our clients, and we are ready to offer all they need to trust us. When you see our signature AVLS identification, you can trust us, not just because of the name but also because of who we are. Remember, a team is as strong and good as those who make it up, and you can trust us because of the brilliant AV engineer, AV tech, camera operator, and stagehand minds we have on our team.

We need you!

Are we home and done because we boast a great reputation in the AV world and offer trailblazing services? Not at all; we have never gotten too comfortable with our current achievements since our inception, which is why we keep soaring to new heights and look forward to greater gigs every day. Even after working at such shows as Amazon AWS and CES, we are looking for better opportunities. As such, we need you just like you need us. If you learn about anyone who needs AV support, holla at us, and we will readily offer a quote. Besides, we are on a mission to share with prospects the AV-related services we offer, and we will highly appreciate your willingness to offer assistance in connecting us with the right people, departments, organizations, and agents that need our service. Of course, you can also consider us if you are AV crew hiring, and we will happily be at your service.


At AVLS Las Vegas, we guarantee you premium AV services that will make your event memorable and successful. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, but happily serve in other US cities, as well. Consider us for AV service, AV support, and quotations, or Connect us with your friends, and we will do our best to deliver for you.
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