Become an AV Specialist in 2023
Event production industry always needs people who can setup and operate audio-visual equipment. This is where an AV specialist comes into play. AV Specialists are responsible for setting up, operating and troubleshooting equipment and gear for live events. An AV specialist should also have a general understanding of audio and video systems, lighting and LED walls including hardware, wires, operating systems, networking and basic troubleshooting skills. In this blog post, we’ll be telling you about how you can become an AV specialist with just some certification courses or online courses.

What is an AV Specialist?

An AV Specialist, also known as AV Technician or AV Engineer, is a skilled professional who is responsible for setting up and operating audiovisual equipment and staging at live events. These are also the people who are responsible for striking the gear after the event finishes.

How to Become an AV Specialist?

There’s no set path to becoming an AV specialist, but there are some skills and training you’ll need to acquire. Knowing the basics how sound systems, video screens and projectors, lighting and LED work is essential for this field. You’ll also need to have general skills in the audiovisual field. This means you should know how to use the various types of wires, splits, connectors, switches etc. You should also know how to properly move, unload and connect the audio-visual equipment.

Certification Courses to Become an AV Specialist

If you want to break into the field of audiovisual production, a good place to start is online courses, professional master-classes and hands-on demos about audiovisual systems. This type of program will give you an introduction to the audiovisual field, as well as some AV skills that will help you build a basic skillset. You can also get certified with leading Equipment factories and their local branches. These certifications will help you get your foot in the door with event production and labor companies. They’ll also let you add “certified specialist” to your resume, which will make you stand out from the pack. But remember that hands-on experience is a must to work on-site at the live events.

AV Specialist Online Courses

If you already have some skills that make you a good candidate for the field of AV production, you can use online courses to get certified in a few of the most demanded technical skills. You can also use online courses to expand your skill set in the field of AV production. There are plenty of online courses available in video editing, as well as the wider field of AV production.

Become An AV Specialist and More

Becoming an AV specialist is a great way to break into the field of events technical production. It’s a wide-ranging field, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get creative and use your skills to the fullest. To get started, you should start with general skills in setting up basic Sound systems, Lighting, Video screens, projectors for small Breakout rooms or Expo booths and then move slightly to helping with setting up General Sessions. You can then use these skills to get a full-time job as an AV Specialist, or get booked as a Freelance Independent AV Technician or Assist. If you want to break into the exciting field of event production, becoming an AV technician is a great place to start.

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