AV Labor Source is one of the best audio-visual services in Las Vegas, USA. We are providing trusted service in a competitive price range. Our management team is bringing over 15 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. We are a company based in Las Vegas and expanding to the US nationwide.

About us

AV Labor Source stands for the people who are engaged with the production companies and arrange corporate events, conferences, expos with a proven track of expertise and reliability. For making sure their big shows are successful, the event production managers should hire AV Technicians and Engineers who are skilled in operating audio-visual equipment. Based on the high demand of the post-pandemic events market AVLS founded our company to qualified AV Specialists and full-service AV crews to the event production companies. Our labor crews are already famous for their proven track of successful planning, installation, and troubleshooting of the shows. We create a professional environment where highly skilled professionals share their knowledge and train other team members so that we have prepared the crew for the next bigger and more complex events.


AV Labor Source, based in Las Vegas, USA.
The main office is located in Las Vegas, US. In the different states Nevada, California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Main Aspects of AV Labor Source

AV Labor services are provided mostly to the Event Producers and Event Production companies, who work directly with the companies who want to run a conference or corporate event.

Production companies are facing struggles to find the right AV Labor company who they can rely on. Especially after the pandemic, there is a shortage of qualified techs on the market, and sometimes they get confirmed that their request is fulfilled and techs booked for the show call, but most of the crew just don't show up on-site, or techs who show up may not be qualified enough to do the work right.

Our company is NOT providing Audio-Visual Equipment. And we don’t give advice about what type of equipment is better to use at a conference or event.

The Event Producers and Event Production companies who hire us, rent equipment themselves. Our company makes sure to find the right AV Crew to meet their technical requirements. They tell us what equipment they will be utilizing at the event and we find the techs with the right experience and qualifications to set up and operate that type of equipment.

We help reduce costs for event producers because they don’t have to deal with insurance coverage expenses and deal with 1-1 hiring interviews, payroll services, and more. Our company takes care of that. So they save time and a lot of corporate expenses just by submitting a request to a Labor Company like ours.

Importance of Hiring Skilled AV Technician

The importance of hiring a highly skilled technical crew for the events, that's it's essential for the success of any event: to follow the production plan, set up all the equipment correctly and in time, and operate it during the show run with no issues and then strike safely back to the racks to return.

The post-pandemic events market - is finally recovering and the conferences and expos are back. Our company provided labor for event producers at Amazon AWS Re: Invent, CES expo in Las Vegas, and getting ready for coming big shows in 2023

Our Company Approach

AVLS consists of 3 partners combining over 35 years of experience in the AV industry. Our team has worked on major shows across the US and abroad.
Since its inception, AVLS has built very strong relationships with technicians in the Las Vegas area as well as many other major cities. We are consistently interviewing and obtaining new techs into our labor pool. If you are currently in the market looking for audio-visual labor support, AVLS would be more than happy to supply you with a quote.

Current Market for AV Services

AV services have a great market demand in the USA and all over the world in this current situation. The Event producers need to arrange so many events booked months ahead and AV Labor source is always here to help them. After the pandemic every company has increased its options and they have to organize different events. So, the business of AV labor sources has a high demand. Considering this market demand we have already spread our service to the US nationwide. Such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Austin, Texas, Florida, and more of the US Nationwide.
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