The Ultimate Guide to Freelance AV Careers in the USA: 2023 Edition
An AV career is one of the most demanding in the US nowadays. There are more and more people who get highly interested in technical events jobs, those people finding a freelance AV Career in the US and want to get a job in the AV industry as a full-time On-Site AV Specialist or Freelance AV Engineer.

Currently, people in the AV industry prefer to build their careers as freelance AV engineers. The reason for choosing this career is that the demand for on-site employees is very high and there are not enough good professionals at all times. At the same time, a Freelance AV Engineer has a great opportunity to stand out in the crowd. In this competitive situation freelancing is becoming more enjoyable and famous. You can find a huge opportunity for freelance AV positions with a flexible schedule and salary range. Now let's learn more about the freelance AV career.

Job Description

A freelance AV Engineer or AV Technician must have basic equipment setup knowledge and operations of small to large-scale audiovisual systems while ensuring smooth execution of the event production flow.

Duties and Responsibilities of Freelance AV Technician

A freelance AV Technician takes on some major responsibilities while working for live events.
· Ability to operate and troubleshoot most AV equipment and systems, like:
o Projection systems/display devices
o Crestron control systems
o Switching/routing / interfacing technology
o Videoconferencing & Audio conferencing technologies

· Technical understanding of AV and IT systems
o Up-to-date awareness of AV and IT technologies and their features
o Ability to operate digital audio consoles (A1) for Live Events
o Ability to read and follow AV system flow diagrams and support documentation

· Excellent interpersonal skills, accuracy, and attention to detail
A freelance AV engineer works behind the screen and checks all the activities during the event.

Skills Requirement

For the career of Freelance AV, there is no mandatory factor of having a scholar results in the academic session. But a freelance AV tech engineer must have to practice knowledge and leadership ability. Simply there is a preference for a high school degree or diploma in the technical Sector, a bachelor's degree is not required. As a freelancer, your client will see your communication skills and operating systems in hardware or software.

Salary Of A Freelance AV Tech

According to the research a Freelance AV Technician gets on average $28-32 per hour. For Audio or Video Engineers the rate starts from $50 per hour. Depending on the project and required skillset.

Where you find Jobs

As a Freelance AV Engineer or Technician, you can easily find jobs on different websites and apply directly to the AV Labor companies that appear on search engines. Besides you should follow the LinkedIn profiles of AV Labor Coordinators or AV Hiring Managers to get your desired company as a Freelance AV Engineer. You can search on the search engines by Freelance AV Career in the US and get in touch with the corporate office for getting hired with your skills.

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