Why Become an AV Specialist? The Benefits and Problems to Consider

Want to be your business’s go-to person for all things audio-visual production? If so, it might be worth looking into the world of audio visual (AV) Specialist roles. If you’re thinking of entering the AV world as a career, consider this question and more when deciding whether or not it’s right for you. After all, becoming an AV specialist is a great way to make a lasting impact on events business and its customers. Let’s take a look at what an AV specialist does and how you can start planning your future career path.

What is an AV Specialist?

Audio/Visual Specialists help their clients with live events and technical production. They use various types of technology, such as lighting, graphics, and audio/visual equipment, to help their clients connect with their audience. As an AV specialist, you’re a strategic partner for businesses that want to reach their customers in new and innovative ways.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an AV Specialist?

There are many benefits to becoming an AV Specialist. Firstly, you’ll enjoy being part of a growing industry. As more companies start to see the value of live corporate events and conferences, demand for AV services will increase, which means more jobs and more opportunities to excel in this field. Another benefit of becoming an AV specialist is the ability to use your technical expertise and experience to help other companies succeed. Many AV Specialists discover the profession by helping event producers set up AV systems according to the event production plan. Besides the convenience of being able to work wherever you want and whenever you want.

How to Become an AV Specialist?

It's time to learn how to become one. First, decide if you’re interested in entering the AV field as a full-time technical specialist, freelance independent contractor, or both. Freelancing might be the best fit for you, because it offers more flexibility when it comes to client scheduling. Next, it’s important to choose a specific area of specialization. You can pursue a general area of interest, like project management or audio/video production, or you can specialize in a particular area, like lighting, video or sound systems. Once you’ve narrowed down your area of focus, start researching the various career options. Take online courses, read industry publications, attend conferences, and network with other AV specialists. But the best way is start working on-site and get hands-on experience. You can start at the positions that do not require deep knowledge and expertise (like truck loader, pusher) and shadow AV techs and stagehands to be able take those positions. Then you can practice more skills and get ready for responsible positions. Step-by-step in a short period of time you can grow to high-paying positions and get booked out months ahead by Labor Companies.

Things to Consider Before Becoming an AV Specialist

Before you make the commitment to become an AV Specialist, you need to consider a few things. First, you’ll need to assess your current level of expertise. If you’re just starting, you’ll want to make sure that you’re willing to put in the time and energy needed to succeed. If you can’t accommodate an AV-heavy schedule, you might want to reconsider pursuing this profession.

Should You Be an AV Specialist?

If you’re thinking about becoming an AV specialist, it’s important to consider all aspects of the profession. An AV Specialist’s job can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but it’s also demanding. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this career path against your own personal and professional goals. If it seems like a good fit for you, go for it! However, if you feel like something else might be a better option for you, don’t be afraid to try something new.
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