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We are AV Labor Source! Based in Las Vegas, we brought years of experience working in the corporate Audio -Visual industry.

We are able to identify the skill sets that are needed to make your next event successful. We take pride in our ability to put together the best AV crews and a deep understanding of what it takes to properly staff your audio, visual, and lighting production needs.
We want to build dependable relationships with our clients by providing transparency, excellent customer service, and top-quality AV Technicians for all of their event needs. We are also expanding in Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Washington DC, and New Orleans, Tennessee.

What is an AV Technician?

Audio- Visual (AV) Specialists or AV Crew provide maintenance, assembly, and operational responsibilities for audio and visual equipment, including cameras, microphones, lights, and sound mixers to ensure audio and video presentation of the highest quality visual art. A comprehensive knowledge of telecommunications and media, and the decoration of information are important. These Technicians are sometimes referred to as Audio Visual Equipment Supporters or Audio Video Technicians.

Duties and Responsibilities of AV Technician and Tech Assists at Live Events

Audio Visual equipment setting up

The main job of AV Technicians is setting up and installing media equipment such as video screens, projectors, sound speakers and microphones, TVs, video monitors, and cameras, electrical wiring, and other basic Set Up.

They are a solution provider

This further means that if you present some issues, they are ready to provide you with solutions. For example, the ground is a huge open and you worry that the image you handle will not be clear to see. A trusted company will present different techniques to solve this problem rather than throwing the solving responsibility to you. In fact, experts won't have time to give you their knowledge and experience about the presentation you must deliver using their equipment.

Operating and troubleshooting sound and video

A key responsibility of AV Technicians is executing a flawless event from a media standpoint. When something goes wrong, AV specialists provided by AV Labor company troubleshoot the problem without showing concern to the end customers.

Freelance Audio Visual Crew For Live Events In Las Vegas

As a Freelance Audio Visual Crew, your clients may not request a college degree, but you might find some practical workshops or training certifications to be beneficial when working as an AV Freelancer. You also need excellent technical skills and a strong working knowledge of both professionalism in set-ups and event technology, such as TVs, projectors, professional sound systems, lighting, etc.

Advantages Of AV Crew Profession

Job Security

This is the one thing that is always true: there’s always work! Every successful integrator knows they need AV Staff and it’s hard to come by. Demand for the profession is continually growing, and the pool of talent is shrinking.

Advancement opportunities

Not all jobs offer a lot of advancement opportunities. After the edge of specialized schooling, they get a designation. Moving anywhere from that spot is evasive. Successful integrators know that when they get someone great, they need to keep them through good pay, new challenges or internal advancement opportunities. Talent must be nourished so that it doesn’t leave for greener fields — because there’s always work.

Limited Education Requirement

There are educational outlets and a host of others that offer industry-specific, helpful, and highly recommended training. Sometimes, the field, producer, and client base can be ahead of the classroom. Besides that, with AV Labor companies, the proof is in the deliverable. It either works or doesn’t. Solutions either sound good or they don’t. They are visually appealing or they aren’t appealing. You can get top marks in the classroom, but the reality is, grades don’t matter if your deliverable doesn’t become well, deliver and be unique.

AV Labor Management for Corporate Events In Las Vegas

The AV Labor Management provides skilled and active Crews for live events in Las Vegas. Besides, we give our clients reliable skilled AV Technicians for making any live event successful in the area of Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Tennessee and expanding. to more states around the USA.
We hire professional AV Technicians, Audio and Video Engineers and Assists, Video Designers, Camera Operators, Carpenters, Stagehands, and more. We train and manage our Staff very professionally. We give our clients the best assistance and operators for their live projects. We always do our best to make the live event successful.

Services We Provide

AV Labor Source provides their best Professional Audio Visual services in Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Washington DC, New Orleans, Tennessee, and more. We provide Audio Engineers, Video Engineers, Audio Visual Technicians, Lighting and Camera Operators, GFX CPU Technicians, and carpenters around the area. We handle our Crews and Staff very efficiently.

Services Where We Provide

We work in Nevada, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana in major cities: Las Vegas, Huston, Dallas, Austin, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, and Washington DC.

Our Track Record That might Attract

Obviously, you need to choose one with a solid track record. Not only just relying on experience but also looking into its reputation. Can they provide an awesome service? Are they highly recommended by industry experts? Do they have a huge selection of AV specialists for you to select from? Do they cultivate reliable technicians with proven experience and knowledge? Indeed, it is very critical to look into their track record and portfolio. This way, you can get a good idea of what kind of service they deliver and where you’ll be taken.

Join AV Labor Source As AV Technician

Build your professional career as an AV Specialist. We look out for outstanding AV professionals who possess a strong work ethic and a passion for work. If you would like to join feel free to email your current resume and information about your rates to resume@avlaborsourceinc.com.
Audio Visual jobs near you as AV Labor Source are always searching for a new skilled professional face who is confidently driven by himself.

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