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We are AV Labor Source! Based in the USA, and we brought years of experience working in the Corporate Audio visual industry. We take pride in our ability to put together the best Engineers and Technicians and deep understanding of what it takes to properly staff your audio, visual and lighting needs. We want to build dependable relationships with our clients by providing transparency, excellent customer service and top quality AV Technicians and Engineers for all of their needs. We are located in Las Vegas, Orlando , Dallas, Austin and expanding to New Orleans, Nashville, Washington DC and other major cities of the USA.

Who Is An AV Technician And Engineer At Live Event
Before searching for an AV Technician and Engineer you need to know who they are and what are the duties of Technician and Engineer at a live event to make it successful. Audio- visual (AV) Technician provides maintenance, assembly, and operational responsibilities for a range of audio and visual equipment, including cameras, microphones, lights and sound mixers in order to ensure audio and video presentation of highest quality visual art.

An AV Engineer who finds out the problems of telecasting and explores the solution at a live event. An AV Engineer gives the guideline to the Technicians for solving problems at a live event.

Qualification And Requirement For AV Technician and Engineer

For becoming an AV Technician and Engineer a college degree is not a mandatory field rather an skilled and understanding person with deep knowledge of Audio Visual technology is more recommended to the company .

An AV staff member should have great knowledge on audio visual equipment , its function and malfunction. He has to be able to do electrical wiring setup, GFX, CPU setup, camera and microphones performing. He must have good knowledge on IT and practices pertaining to radio frequencies and Information Technology. Technical knowledge of mobile computing and video conferencing operations is required for becoming an AV Technician and Engineer.

Duties and Responsibilities of AV Technicians and Engineers at Live Events In Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas and nationwide

Finding Problems For Better Performance

As an AV Engineer the key responsibility is to find out the instant solution for production requests and possible on-site problems. They make solutions and give instruction to the Technicians who are involved at the live event setup, show days and strike. An Engineer must have to control the work that is requested to be executed correctly.

Audio Visual equipment setting up

The main job of AV Technicians is setting up and installing media equipment such as LCD projectors, speakers, TVs, video monitors, and cameras, electrical wiring , programming and other basic construction.

They are solution provider
This further means that if you present some issues, they are ready to provide you with solutions. For example, the venue has thousands of sq.ft. and you worry that the projecting image you handle will not be clear to see. A trusted company will present different techniques to solve this problem rather than throwing the solving responsibility to you. In fact, experts won't have time giving you their knowledge and experience about the presentation you must deliver using their equipment.

Operating and troubleshooting sound and video systems
A key responsibility of AV Technicians and Engineers is executing a flawless event from a media standpoint. When something goes wrong, AV Technicians troubleshoot the problem without showing concern to the customers.

Advantages of Becoming AV Engineer In USA

Lower education requirement
An AV engineer doesn't need to be qualified by textbook, rather he needs the technical understanding, digital knowledge on AV equipment, Electrical function knowledge and practical ability to be a professional Engineer . He must have the ability to lead his team members with a right solution.

Huge Job opportunities
There is a huge platform that needs an expert AV engineer to bring their company ahead. So if you are thinking about becoming an AV Engineer it is a plus point for you. Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, Nashville, New Orleans and Washington DC have huge opportunities for AV Engineers.

Freelance AV Engineer For Live Event In Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas and nationwide
As a Freelance Audio Visual Engineer, your clients may not request a college degree, but you might find a degree in business or marketing is beneficial when working as a Tech Freelancer or running your own business. You also need excellent technical skills and a strong working knowledge of both professionalism in making solutions, set-ups and consumer technology, such as TVs, DVD players, professional sound systems, and lighting in the event .

Vision And Mission Of AV Tech-Engineer In USA
The Vision of AV is to build a clear concept of leading brands to the community who needs them. Also the vision is to be a best AV providing service in Las Vegas , Orlando ,Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Washington DC, Nashville and nationwide where the AV Tech engineer has huge demand.

The Mission of AV Tech Engineer is to exceed the client expectations with discipline and responsiveness. They always try to make the event successful to bring a successful result and reputation for their company.

Find AV Technician and Engineer In USA
The AV Labor Source company as team of Corporate AV Labor Management professionals provide skilled and active Crew for live events in Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas. . Besides, we give our clients reliable experienced AV Technicians and Engineers for making any live event successful in the area of Dallas, Orlando and Austin in the states of America.

We are also expanding our services to the major areas of Nashville, New Orleans and Washington DC.

We work in the states of Nevada, Texas, Florida , Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and the major cities of Las Vegas, Huston, Dallas, Austin, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, Washington DC.

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Build your professional portfolio as an AV Engineer. We lookout for outstanding AV Technicians who possess a strong work ethic and a passion for work. If you would like to join feel free to email your current resume and information to resume@avlaborsourceinc.com.

Audio visual jobs near you as AV Labor Source are always searching for new skilled professionals who are self-driven and confident.

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