The Truth About AV Industry Careers in US 2023 (Salary, Responsibilities, and More)

Career is one of the most common questions for every individual. In this era, US AV industry careers are in great demand. This industry is welcoming a wide range of people with different technical skills and talents, without high expectations of their academic degrees or certifications.

AV technician is one of the skills that doesn't require any specific graduation and specific academic results. AV industry just requires your skills, your desire, and your passion to fit the events projects you are going to be involved in. AV requires also your communication skills which you need to be engaged with other crew members and communicate with clients on-site.

Before choosing your career in the AV Industry you must know what is AV industry, who is an AV Technician or Specialist or Field Engineer and what are their duties.

What Is the AV Industry?

AV is one of the most common industry names in the growing world. AV is the short form of Audio Visual. The brands or organizations who need to meet the audience with a live event or conference or stage show must need to go to an AV production and labor company. Event producers need to hire technical specialists who help with the setup and operation of the Audio-Visual equipment and make sure the event goes as planned and smoothly.

Who Is An AV Technician Or Field AV (audio-video) Engineer?

An AV Technician is one who has skills in audio visualizing, able to provide backstage support, and can be able to meet the event producers’ needs. An AV Specialist could be hired as a Lighting Operator, Audio Engineer, Video Assistant, Camera Operator, Stagehand, or Electrical wiring technician. He can provide instant solutions for possible issues during live events under his supervision.

What are the responsibilities of an AV (audio-video) Engineer?

The AV Engineers have to fill out some critical responsibilities before or during the show. Even they have to maintain the strategies in the running show. Such as
● They have to design the elements of the production.
● On-going event risk assessment.
● Instant fixing solution.
● Lighting, sound and video handling.
● Lead to AV Crew.
● Completing work with event producer satisfaction.
● Meet the agreed range of responsibilities

What is the salary of an AV technician in the USA?

According to the research a Freelance AV Technician gets on average $28-33 per hour. For Audio or Video Engineers the rate starts from $50 per hour. Depending on the project and required skillset.

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